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Place Vendome


Place Vendome

The Place Vendome, built following the patterns of classical French urbanism, is one of the most famous squares in Paris. Surrounded in its totality by imposing and sober buildings, in the square are diverse shops of great prestige like Dior, Chanel or Cartier.

The square, formerly known as the Plaza de Luis el Grande, Plaza de las Picasques, Plaza de las Conquistas or Plaza Internacional, is now one of the greatest exponents of luxury and opulence that can be found in the city.

For everything to be perfect, in the Vendome Square facades were built before the buildings that surround it. In the center was placed an equestrian statue of Louis XIV that would be destroyed during the French Revolution.

During the period of the Revolution the square changes its name to that of Plaza des Piques. Subsequently, in the place that formerly occupied the figure of Louis XIV was placed a huge column (Column Vendome) with a bas-relief that imitates the Trajan Column of Rome.
Prepare the wallet

Today the Vendome Square hosts the most prestigious jewelers and fashion shops in Paris, as well as the luxurious Ritz and Vendome hotels.

Although the prices of the shops of the square are not within reach of all pockets, it is worth taking a walk in the area.



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